Thursday, November 1, 2012

A #TBLB meetup at @PDQfreshfood

Ok, sorry for the Twitter-esque title, but it's a fun way to explain what I did a couple Sundays ago.

Around noon, I met up with Kat and we headed over to our favorite store Fit2Run to pick up a few fun items before meeting up with some of our Tampa Bay Lady Blogger friends at a newly opened local chain called PDQ.

I had never been to a PDQ before, and hadn't really heard a lot about the local chain until the past couple of months.

6 of us showed up and met Jeff the Chief Marketing/PR guy and Dan, the Operating Partner as soon as we walked in.


Can we say FRIENDLY?! The whole staff welcomed us it seemed. They were sincere and I immediately felt the customer service we would receive during our visit would be top notch.

Another reason that I knew PDQ was going to be a great experience? They sell CHEERWINE!

The menu is very streamlined. Keeping it simple and very affordable. There are only a few things to choose from, but they do all of them well!

I chose a grilled chicken salad with the creamy garlic dressing on the side.
in less than 4 minutes, I had a HUGE salad with LOTS of chicken! I was excited to dig into this monster! It was very tasty. I loved the creamy garlic dressing and the salad itself was very fresh! No picking out browning lettuce here! I couldn't' even finish the entire bowl - shocker since I'm the human garbage disposal.

Kat picked out an order of fries that we shared. The french fries were crisp, not too greasy or overly salty, and had a great flavor!

We also sampled some apple slices - that were kept from browning while refridgerated with pineapple juice! Served along with the most delicious house made toffee dip. It had crunchy bits of chocolate and toffee. I ate the entire serving...shocking I know.

After we finished our meal, Jeff and Dan were awesome enough to take us on a quick tour of the 'behind the scenes' at PDQ. We saw the fridge - no freezer here folks, all food is prepared fresh! We saw the workers weighing out the servings to accurately control their portions (They even use sugar strips to make sure we won't sending anyone into sugar shock!), the drive up window to place your order with a real person (no scratchy speakers!) and met Josey the potato fry cutter specialist.

We all had our go at the potato "smasher". It required more force than I expected!

Overall, a great day and a great meal with the PDQ staff and my TBLB'rs.

Tori, Me, Kat, Jackie, Caroline, and Debbie with a little of Dan in the background.

If you are in the area, definitely check out PDQ Fresh Tenders on 4th Street in St. Petersburg. It's worth it!
They also have a location in South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Carrolwood.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their Website.

*I was provided a free lunch/tour in exchange for our honest opinions/review of PDQ.

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