Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Color Run Recap

The Color Run was something I almost forgot about lately with everything going on. I knew that it wasn't going to be a part of any kind of training, but was more than ready to get in an active morning laughing and smiling the whole time. 

I met up with Kat early to get in 4 miles. After a quick rinse off and change of attire, we headed to St Petersburg with P-funk and Chris in tow.

We were super lucky with the parking situation and ended up finding a spot pretty quickly. We heard stories of people looking or waiting for an hour or so to park.

Christmas decorations were out in the parks of downtown St Petersburg. Huge presents, lights, trees, and sleighs were great for props.

I kinda look like an elf in head bands... my before shot

We walked about 4 blocks to the start of the race. There were SO MANY PEOPLE! Apparently, this run sold out at 10-12,000 participants?

We were walking towards the start corral, but were really turned off at how far back the start corrals were. It was insane! They were starting in waves of 1,000 people, but the start line stretched at least a quarter mile.

While standing here in this exact spot, it was Go Time for the first wave! It was then we decided to just jump in with this first wave from where we were standing to avoid waiting in the start corrals for hour or longer.

First up was the pink station! 

Results of us after. We are so excited!

It was very overcast and foggy and the temp was around 65F. So foggy we could barely see the top of the buildings. This made for a cool run at least!

The color stations were supposed to be set up every 1km. The second station we came to was blue.

After the second color station, I got more excited to see how we would look by the end of the run!

Then there was this.... oh pier - I loathe you. At least today I had no reason to fear the wind or temperature or deceiving distance!

After the orange station it seemed like we ran for quite a while. The distance between orange and yellow was much further than the other increments. Yellow was fun. There were more cheering spectators on the side of the road enjoying the runners.

After yellow, I was hoping for green or purple. We kept running... and then running. And when I say 'running' I really mean 'shuffling'. There was no real space to stretch your legs and pick up speed. I'm pretty sure every single "race rule" was broken beyond repair!

This was actually not the best thing for me. Going slower is hard on my hip. By the end I was actually hurting quite a bit. But then ta-da, there was the finish.

I was a little bummed with the finish being a little un-eventful. There was not a whole lot going on, but the after party area was great! They had a grilled food tent, Nawgan drinks, Fuze liter bottle drinks, plenty of volunteers with water and granola bars were walking around. They also had a huge stage set up with lots of good music.

The funny part about the cornstarch coloring - wherever you sweat or got wet - turned cakey and stained. Behold --- my swamp pit!!
I spent a long time trying to scrub that off in the shower since I had a formal work holiday party to attend that evening. I ended up NOT wearing a strapless dress.

We waited for a few and then once a lot of the waves were in, they started the countdown to the packet throw! I lost my packet before we even got to the start line because I'm just that responsible. I didn't get right in the action so I could get a good pic :)

This makes for easy cleanup. At least the rain will wash it all away.

I had a great time laughing through the entire 5k and eating a lot of that cornstarch!
Shenanigans didn't stop at the finish line though... We definitely took advantage of Santa's sleigh.

I liked this run! It was nice to get moving with no pressure for PR's. Lots of my non runner friends even ran or walked! The event was pretty well organized, but we never checked in nor waited in the corral. I had a great time overall, but I probably wouldn't do this run again unless I found an extremely cheap deal on it (aka $.free99 or close to it). It's definitely something that you should do at least once especially for the awesome picture memories!

Have you ever done The Color Run or similar?

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