Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What happens when you get serious about running a marathon?

You take a 6 month blogging break...

Yea, I know I stopped blogging at the peak of all the excitement and let you all down. #sorrynotsorry 

Since I last blogged, so many wonderful things have happened and a lot of sweaty laundry has been done. And the best part about that break was that I kept in contact with MANY of you through Instagram and Facebook - It's true what they say about blends!

I ran that "wee-little" marathon and I am obviously a masochist because I LOVED it!

I can't begin to even tell you all how hard and time consuming marathon training became. But all those 3:30am wake up calls to go run a local 4 mile loop multiple times in the dark, the strict eating clean/no drinking policy I gave myself, and all the early to bed Friday nights PAID OFF x100! My first marathon's finish time was 4 hours and 13 minutes. This was literally 4 hours and 13 minutes of joy, strength, pain, happiness, and inspiration wrapped up in 26.2 miles. It's a little late for a "recap", but if you would like to know anything about my training or MCM in general just holla.

I'm already planning for my next one in 2015 (St. Jude or RnR Nola --- gimme your opinions!) since about a week after my last post in 2013, I got engaged!

It seems like this blog has come full circle. When I first began writing, I gushed about how Mike and I had just started dating and now we are starting a much bigger journey! 2014 is sadly not going to be a year jam packed full of races like 2013 was. It'll be more for wedding planning and I am excited to document a little of my wedding planning journey for all my friends and family and internet brides to be! I'll make a new Wedding page once those posts get going. Other news on the home front - we renovated one of our bathrooms. It's the first of many house projects on our list, but it is amazing. And a LOT of work. I'll throw a few before/afters up here as soon as the details are complete :)

Health wise, the new year didn't bring me a whole lot of motivation right off the bat. It has taken me a good few weeks to get in the swing of things and turn all my post marathon, poor holiday choices around. As soon as the marathon ended, I fell into a DEEP running funk, I got a nasty month long cold, ate like crap for all of those 2 months, and almost fell out when I caught myself going to ChicFila for a large fry for a snack - old habits die hard... what can I say?

To touch a little on the running funk - post-marathon, I expected a half marathon PR. Everyone that I ran the marathon with was PR'ing (is that even a word?) left and right. I was feeling really good about getting one until I caught those germs and both half marathons in November (I might have even cried after this race.) and December sucked. They aren't my worst to date, but they weren't the best either. Bummer.
Yea, not so much...
"thank god it's over."

So anyway... to fix all that, I'm starting a T25/Shakeology challenge with Kat. She has of course been kicking ass and taking names and is now a personal trainer. I have less than 400 days to get my body in "wedding shape" and to work on a mucho desired half marathon PR over the next 3 months.

I've already been holding myself more accountable for meals and clean eating, and getting my tail back in the gym. If you still follow me on Instagram then you know that I'm back on the pain train! So I'm gonna need you guys to hold me accountable just like the past 2 years... okay? Sounds good.

I've done a little spring cleaning on the blog, so take a look around. How has your New Year been treating you? Catch me up!
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