Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Running - the never ending lesson

I think I'm past the point of being a running "newbie". Yet, that still doesn't stop me from making "newbie" mistakes... Like running a half marathon on little to no training.

Holy.H-E-double hockey sticks. I was sore for almost a week.

Meghann and I decided to team up again for the second year to run Best Damn Race. This year, there were definitely no PR's in my mind, but to just survive and have a fun run. My furthest run was one 10 miler since Dec 1 of last year. And it was painful, so I had a sneaking suspicion that this race was going to hurt too... (didn't I just run a marathon 3 months ago? What happened!??!?!?!)

Morning of, I woke up at 5:30a, got ready, jumped in the car and in my deliriousness, I drove right on by the interstate exit --- and it wasn't until 5 miles further that I realized it. This was definitely going to make me near to late. Anybody else ever done this? I texted Meghann and told her about my dumb move, and floored it back across Tampa towards Safety Harbor. I found parking and got a nice warm up run to meet her at the Iron Girl booth.

Guess what - start delay, by about 25 minutes! I wasn't sure whether to be mad that I had just rushed my face off and had made it, or happy that I could chill for a minute. While standing around, we ran into Amanda and her hubs David. Jumped in the corral and ran into the Best Damn Bachelorette party. I was surrounded my Meg R, Meghan M, Meghan C, and Meghann, and of course the bride Tori. So many Meg(h)an(n)'s! ( I later met another Megan on course!)

From Amanda @ Run To The Finish

From Meghann.
 Lots of friends in our blogging/running community!
Anyway, race started, and I'm going to skip a bunch here - mile by mile recap is NOT necessary for this race - it hurt, there were lots of rolling hills, and Meghann and I cussed a lot. We leisurely walked through every water stop and chit chatted a bit during to push through the untrained miles and I decided to give gatorade a shot again around mile 7+ and nearly puked on Beth at the finish. (sorry!)

We look so carefree! This is a prob me telling her to lie.

But at the end of the day I got another half finish only 2 minutes slower than my PR, an AWESOME medal, a great run with friends, and on the less brighter side - a partially ripped off toenail, tendinitis in my left foot.

cc Meghann

So anyway, running is a teacher, it reminds me that if I'm not training well, it's gonna suck. If I put in the work, I tend to do a little better. I keep wondering when I'll learn my lesson. On the plus side, I have to say that even under trained I am a much stronger runner than I was last year. Now I just have to put in the work with some T25 cross training and more running.

I'm also running the March 1st Best Damn Race in Orlando, which still has spots available! I can't say enough about how fun these races are - they have a great post race bash, tons of food, and generally a good time!

I will be ready for that race for sure - and MAYBE a PR.

After assessing the damage and knowing the mileage on my black WR16's, I picked up some more of these to give myself a little "new shoe motivation".

*disclaimer: I am by no means advising you to go run a half marathon with little to no training. Don't be dumb.

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