Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sometimes you run for the bling...

Sometimes it's a charity, a family member, just because you enjoy it and want to, therapy, a PR attempt...there are a lot of reasons why we run and I couldn't possibly list all of them.

2013 half marathon finisher medal source

But sometimes, it's the bling. There is a local race that I have been coveting the medal! The first time I saw one of their medals I coo'ed over it (it has dolphins on it!!!!!!) and said out loud "I must have this.".... Well, it didn't happen. Twice...

2014 Half marathon finisher medal

But this year IT IS!

On March 16th, I'll be running the First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon and making that pretty blue medal mine!  I thought about doing the entire half, but I have never done a relay and after coming off of BDR PR last week, I'm glad I made the decision to split the race with my speedy friend Kristen and double my fun.

It's not the easiest of courses, but touted as fast and scenic, and many have PR'd! If you're in it for  fun, it's a very picturesque along the water in the middle of downtown Sarasota at sunrise. I have a bunch of runner buds who have done this race the past couple of years and their pictures are enviously beautiful.  Post Race Party including gourmet breakfast items and live entertainment, sponsored by First Watch Restaurants, is an event that earned Competitor Magazine’s 2012 Award for Best Post-Race Party and Brunch in the Southeast Region including beer garden (21 or older participants only).

Mainly the dolphin medal ;), the location, and race perks made this a race I added to my bucket list of runs.

A telltale sign of a good race is by how quickly it sells out. So far, in it's 9th year, it will be close to sellout at 4,200 runners before race day!

If you'd like to run the First Watch Sarasota half, here is what it'll cost ya:

$95 through March 9, 2014
$105 March 10-14 (registration closes at 8:59 p.m. unless 4,200 cap is reached before this date)
No race day registration

Two-Person Relay
$125 March through March 9, 2014
$130 March 10-14 registration closes at 8:59 p.m. unless 4,200 cap is reached before this date)
No race day registration

If you aren't looking to run, but would like to volunteer please see this link. Volunteers are still needed, which comes with a special t-shirt, opportunity to be part of one of Sarasota’s largest single day sports events and help support all the runners and walkers.

Find the Sarasota Half Marathon website and Facebook pages.

Do you ever "run for the bling"?

*I have been sponsored a race entry for this post.
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